Chapter 7 -- Plan "B"


The transmitter which represented J66 arrived at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia two days later. Boss knew this because when the CIA removed it from it's lead enclosure, the satellite over the United States began detecting its location and transmitting the coordinates around the globe and down to the Kremlin computer. J66's circle was red and blinking again in Langley, Virginia; although the last of his body segments had been incinerated the previous night.

I was certainly off to the United States. The problem would have to be worked from the other side. However, now my task had become infinitely more difficult as this necessitated having to work with someone high up in the CIA or with access to the CIA. This was the only way to retrieve J66's body transmitter from CIA headquarters as proof that the traitor had been successfully "assassinated." Assuming that the plot could be successfully stopped, we would eventually need to get President Ford on the hot line with Brezhnev to explain what had happened and discuss the handling of any loose ends. Ideally, someone with high CIA contacts and a direct line of communications with President Ford was needed.

From past experiences there was no way to work with the CIA people. It would be all over the country in a matter of days because too many people would become involved. Likewise, there was no way to go directly to the President. First of all that was impossible, and even if possible, he would simply believe me to be crazy.

I performed some research late into the night looking for a person or position which fulfilled my requirements of high CIA contacts and a direct line of communications with the President.

The KGB's counterpart, the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA is the principal intelligence, counterintelligence, and secret operations arm of the United States government. It was created in 1947 along with the National Security Council or NSC which directs its activities. The director of the CIA is appointed by the President and must be confirmed by the Senate. In 1975, the Director of the CIA was William E. Colby.

From my Siberian education classes I knew the National Security Council consisted of the President, Vice-President, Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of State. I ruled out the Secretary of Defense knowing he would consider using military options. Also, there would be security problems because of the military chain of command. The fewer people involved the better. Likewise I ruled out the Vice-President because he is primarily a governmental representative at important foreign events -- funerals and such, and oftentimes no one listens to the Vice-President. That left only the Secretary of State as a direct link to the President and also a top link into the CIA.

The Secretary of State under President Gerald R. Ford in 1975 was Henry Kissinger. His KGB code name was "LORD." Accessing the KGB files via the secret access method known only by the Doubles, I inquired about LORD.

Henry Kissinger was born in Furth, Germany on May 27, 1923. Therefore, he will have no presidential ambitions since he was not American born. That's good, I thought. His family immigrated to the United States in 1938 to escape Nazi persecution of the Jews. He was a foreign policy expert prominent in the Nixon and Ford administrations, and was an advisor on security questions under Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. Therefore, he can probably keep a secret.

In 1969 he was special assistant to Nixon for national security affairs and executive secretary of the National Security Council, and became Secretary of State in 1973. In other words, he directs the activities of the CIA. Bingo, this is my man.

He met secretly with Vietnamese leaders in Paris starting in 1969, finally concluding a cease-fire in the Vietnam War in January of 1973. He and North Vietnamese negotiator Le Duc Tho were awarded the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize. Impressive, perhaps after this project they would name a peace prize after him.

In addition he was highly intelligent. He graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard in 1950. He received his masters in 1952 and his Ph.D. in 1954. Both also earned at Harvard. He then taught at Harvard in the Department of Government. He must like Harvard I thought.

Plan "B" was materializing. If I could get to Kissinger and convince him I was serious and for real, we might be able to suppress the plot and intercept the gray matter as it was smuggled into the country. As chief of security on the project certainly I would be involved in infiltrating the gray matter into the United States. If we needed to involve the President, Kissinger could talk to him directly and in private. Being Secretary of State he could access the CIA without any questions. I could impress him by my knowledge of J66's transmitter and accompanying note. But how to get to Kissinger?

Scanning down the file I started finding family members, known personal friends, and business associates. Any weaknesses, anything to bribe him with? No, no, no. Known office personnel. Several secretaries but only one listed as a personal secretary. That could be a starting point. Her name was Sunny Holiday. So her parents had a sense of humor I thought. She had been associated with Secretary Kissinger for about six years and his personal secretary since he became Secretary of State. He must trust her. Single, attends church often, and a real beauty. Perhaps I could discuss the Bible with her having studied it. If this file is correct and up to date this could be a pleasant task. I memorized Sunny's last known address and the name of the church she attended.

If a private talking session could be arranged with Secretary Kissinger I would have to be honest with him. This would be my one chance. I could not go shopping around if Kissinger threw me out -- my cover would be blown. I hoped this was the right choice!

In any event I had to try. I could not let Boss jeopardize world peace and succeed in killing millions of people. I had pledged to help secure and protect Russia not to let her risk annihilation.

It was almost November of 1975. In February of 1976 my group was going to initiate a flu epidemic at some military base in the United States. I had to gain the confidence of Henry Kissinger before then and describe to him the first assault even if I did not know exactly where it would occur. Medical supplies could be centrally staged so they could easily be flown into the selected base. I then had to become a source of information for him until the time when we could seize the gray matter that was to be smuggled into his nation. Then we would have to determine how to destroy the gray matter and smooth over any loose ends between our countries without letting anyone know the true story. All Doubles and other known accomplices would have to be eliminated.

Insisting to Boss that we had to have some means of communication, we decided to communicate through our existing transmitter system. If and when J66 was terminated I would cover his transmitter and mine with a thin layer of lead for forty minutes. This would cause both of us to appear in alarm for two fifteen-minute readings. Boss would review each day's transmissions. When he saw this signal he would know my mission had been successful and that I was heading home.

My cover story having already been developed I would leave for the United States tomorrow. I was to be Clifford Irwin Anderson. Cute I thought, CIA. But I had thought J66's pseudonym with the initials KGB was equally amusing. I hoped this was not an omen.

I spent the afternoon at the track -- sprinting!


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