Chapter 10 -- Having a Sunny Holiday


Friday morning I arose with a new spring in my step looking forward to my date that evening. I had breakfast, purchased a new shirt, tie, and sport coat and reviewed the Washington Post to decide where to take this special lady. I decided against rock concerts. Classical music might be appropriate. There were many special events celebrating the Bicentennial. But no, this should be kept simple. Perhaps take her to supper and a movie and have her home before midnight. Glancing through the movies playing in town Oklahoma caught my eye. A musical and a love story. An older movie, but perfect. I made a dry run to make sure I could find the theater while at the same time noticing restaurants. Then I dropped by a flower shop to add another piece to the puzzle, purchasing a mixture of flowers in a simple vase. Roses are too much on the first date. I signed the card, "Only Nature's Gift Is Worthy of Such a Lovely Lady." Still with excess time I located a record shop and purchased a 33 1/3 LP record album of the Oklahoma sound track. This I placed under the passenger seat of my car.

I was dressed and ready to go even before calling her. This gave me time to reflect on the real purpose of Sunny. She was my introduction to Henry Kissinger. Millions of lives were involved along with the future of my country so I had to get this done and done quickly. There was no other backup plan so this one had to work. If I could get to Henry Kissinger and we could somehow pull off a miracle to stop this plot perhaps I could come out of this adventure alive.

For a certainty my life would change dramatically. There would be no more Doubles organization. That part of my life would be gone forever. That became a fact with my decision to fight against this project. What am I going to do in the future if I somehow come out of this alive? Could I be happy settled down and living in obscurity? Perhaps get married and raise a family? I hadn't even considered my alternatives although all of them seemed tame compared to my present lifestyle. It was probably premature at this point to waste time considering a future which might never exist.

In any event, I was as nervous as a high school kid about to go out on his first date. Was I becoming more and more attracted to Sunny because she seemed so unattainable, or could it possibly be that I was falling in love? I hadn't had sex with a woman since before killing J66. Not that it ever had any meaning anyway. My testosterone level would build until I was what you Americans call "horny." Then I would go bar hopping or find a prostitute. It always seemed so important to me at the time but immediately after the act I felt empty, lonely, frustrated, and unhappy -- albeit sexually satisfied for a few days. I had enjoyed evenings with ladies of the night in virtually every country thanks to my travels but had never been in love, and was not even sure I would know if I was -- how does one tell? I knew that right now I was very nervous over a simple date -- with absolutely no chance for any sex. If I was lucky I might get a goodnight hug, yet I was on pins and needles. Surely it was because of the important world consequences which would be affected by the outcome.

I was unable to wait until 5:30. I called her at 5:20 p.m. and she had just walked in from work. I proposed having supper and making the 7:30 showing of Oklahoma. She had heard it was a corny cowboy love story. I asked if she heard that from Rob -- and she laughed.

"Just pick me up at 6:45," she said. "I'll eat a sandwich here." She gave me instructions to her home not knowing I had been there on numerous occasions.

"It's a date, see you at 6:45," I replied. That gave me time for one more loose end. Going to a grocery store I purchased a good piece of steak, enclosed it in a couple of plastic bags and placed it under the driver's seat of my car. Then washing the smell from my hands and fetching the flowers from my room, I headed off to Sunny's.

She was dressed simply but elegantly as usual and was surprised by the flowers, but had me wait at the front door while she placed them inside. "You do not want to come in right now," she assured me. I knew why as I could hear Fella growling in the background.

We arrived at the theater, parked the car, purchased two tickets, two soft drinks and a large popcorn, and located two seats near the middle of the theater five minutes before the movie started. This gave us time to talk. Sometimes five minutes can be an eternity.

"I really know very little about you," she started. "What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a reporter of sorts. With the Bicentennial and elections coming up I'm here to verify a story."

"That's exciting. What kind of story?"

"If I told you I'd have to kill you," I laughed, "and that would ruin my evening! Seriously, we can't tell until we decide if it's true. It could ruin careers."

"Where's your home?" she asked.

"Houston," deciding a large city was a good choice.

"And does your family live there also?"

"No, I live alone. My parents died in World War II. There's an aunt or uncle around the country but I hardly ever see them. It's mostly just me."

"How did both of your parents die in the war?"

"They were code breakers interpreting messages intercepted by the British intelligence in London. Both died during a German bombing raid," I lied.

"Well I'm just the opposite. I come from a large family, all in Arizona except for me," she said. "Two brothers, two sisters, lots of aunts and uncles."

"How did you end up in DC?"

"I became interested in politics. Locally at first. Then progressed on up the ladder being so 'beautiful' you know. Anyway, now I'm Henry Kissinger's personal secretary. It's very enjoyable, I meet lots of interesting people." As she finished the lights went out and I breathed a sigh of relief! Previews and a cartoon were shown before the movie began.

I could not have picked a more appropriate movie. Rodgers and Hammerstein outdid themselves. It was fast moving, funny at times, great music and lyrics, but mainly it was a love story. During the "Surrey with the Fringe On Top," I slowly placed her hand in mine. She didn't object. Before the song was over I was rubbing her hand in mine and her head was resting on my shoulder. By the time "Out of My Dreams and Into My Heart" was playing, I had transferred her left hand across to my left hand and had my right arm around her shoulders as we gently touched heads side to side.

As the finale "Oklahoma" was booming out from the entire cast at the end of the movie she reached in the empty seat holding her purse and pulled out a white handkerchief. In the darkness I could see a couple of teardrops rolling down her cheeks as she brought her head back into my shoulder. "You Okay?" I whispered in her ear.

She turned and whispered back, "Yes, it was so romantic and happy. I'm a hopeless romantic."

"Your sources on this movie were wrong. It was great," I said as I gently held her head between my hands and slowly kissed her closed eyelids. "But it was too short, I could watch it again."

"Me too," she whispered as the credits were rolling across the screen. We stayed, listening to the music until the lights came on and were the last patrons to leave the theater.

As we walked arm-in-arm to my car four big dudes came toward us. Two went by on either side. Remembering back, I recall thinking that something wasn't quite right. Alarms should have been going off in my head. People in my profession have a sixth sense for these events but I was lost in the world of Sunny. As we walked between the four dudes a little voice came out of the daze of Sunny which clouded my mind and said "prepare for a Pearl Harbor punch." The little voice was correct.

Suddenly a bright flash ran through my brain as the strong blow to the back of my head sent me reeling to the sidewalk on my face. I could vaguely hear Sunny's muffled attempts at screaming.

Coming back to semiconsciousness, I was now on my feet with two of the attackers holding me. One held each of my arms from behind, with one hand pushing on my shoulder and my arms severely twisted. My back was forced over and my face was looking at the asphalt. Come back to your senses, recover, I thought while shaking my head.

The man holding Sunny had her right arm twisted behind her back and his left hand over her mouth. "Scream and we'll kill him," he shouted.

"Don't scream, don't scream, no cops," I responded. "You can take all our money, no reason to hurt anyone."

"Just might cut you up a little," the thug standing in front of me laughed.

Now it was clear what this was all about. This was Rob's doing. Well at least he's an equal opportunity employer -- two white and two black. Rob's revenge, I thought, raising my head up enough to see the ringleader placing brass knuckles on his right hand. I don't need this I thought. Hell, I'm trying to save these fools.

Sometimes you have to go with what you have. What I had was that I was twisted up like a coiled spring. Bending my legs slightly, I pushed up, flipping them over my head toward the fool in front of me. It did not occur to the two thugs holding my arms to let go. Coming around I targeted my shoe for the face of Mister Knuckles. With all the force of my right leg I smashed my heel into his face. Blood and ooze splashed four feet on each side of his now mushy face as he fell backwards towards the asphalt unconscious. Now my arms were untwisted but still held. Before Knuckles hit the asphalt, I hit the shorter man holding my left arm as hard as I could in the nose with my head. Although not as effective as the face kick, it still caused a splash of blood as he released my arm and reached up for his nose. I immediately brought a left handed karate chop to the throat of the moron still holding my right arm. He bent over gasping, holding his throat. This produced a golden opportunity for an uppercut with my right foot to his face. Now to impress the goon still holding Sunny, I spun my body to gain momentum and came around with a karate kick to the ribs of the man nursing his nose. The impact of the kick actually lifted him into the air and sent his body sailing backwards onto the asphalt. I heard and felt the give of broken ribs.

Three were now helpless on the ground. Two with probable broken noses and bleeding profusely on the asphalt, the other with multiple broken ribs and in much pain trying to breath. I turned to the fourth fool holding Sunny and warned him, "You can release her and help your friends or I can kill you." Choosing wisely he released her unharmed and ran from the parking lot leaving his friends to fend for themselves.

As we pulled out of the lot, I asked, "Are you okay?"

"I can't stop shaking," she said. "I was so afraid. Nothing like this has ever happened to me."

Pulling her closer I put my arm around her as she leaned her head into the safety of my shoulder. "Did you enjoy the movie as much as I did?"

"How can you talk about the movie? We were almost killed."

"Because if you really liked it there's a present for you under your seat."

Slowly reaching under the seat she retrieved the album. "The original sound track. I love it," she said, quickly returning to the safety of my arm.

We pulled into the guest parking spot in front of her townhouse. As I held the door open for her, she looked in all directions before exiting the car. Still traumatized I thought. She quickly opened the door to her townhouse but then hesitated as she turned to ask, "Could you stay with me for a few minutes?"

"Of course," I answered.

"Wait here just a few seconds," as she squeezed past the slightly opened door and closed it behind her.

Running the twenty feet back to the car, I grabbed the plastic bag under my seat, rubbed the meat between my hands, closed the car door and sprang back to the entry just before she opened it for me to come in. Downstairs was one main room separated from the kitchen area by a Dutch door. Fella had been placed in the kitchen and the bottom half of the Dutch door had been closed and bolted. With his front paws on top of the Dutch door, he was barking, showing his teeth, and generally looking vicious.

As I walked in Sunny immediately closed the front door and began locking the deadbolt. I walked straight for the Doberman holding my hands outstretched and saying "Hi Fella." He was still snarling.

Sunny completed bolting the door and turned just in time to see me approaching the dog. "No, stop!" she screamed.

But it was too late, Fella recognized the smell, the name, the voice, and me, and I was holding his head between my hands and rubbing him to lose the smell of meat as he licked my face. "What a sweet dog," I said.

"That's incredible, be careful. He usually tries to rip strangers to pieces."

"He has no reason to fear me, right Fella? He knows I mean you or him no harm."

After standing totally motionless for a few minutes as she convinced herself the Doberman wasn't going to rip my throat out, she continued, "We should report what happened to the police."

"Why? They're out of there by now. There's nothing the police can do but add to their already high statistics. Also, it could make the papers and they might find out where you live. 'Personal Secretary To Kissinger Mugged.' Think about it. I understand these things, that's the business I'm in."

"You're probably right. I still can't stop shaking."

Walking over to her I slowly raised her arms and placed them around my neck. Then I wrapped my arms around her and gently pulled her to me until her head was safely snuggled on my shoulder. I could feel her trembling. I rubbed her back and neck while ever so gently rocking her back and forth. She quickly stopped trembling. Then there was a sudden change in her composure and I felt her tension let go as she totally relaxed in my arms.

"I feel so safe in your arms," she whispered.

"You are," I whispered back. "Nothing can hurt you while you're in my arms."

After holding and caressing her for a long time I turned my head slightly and very slowly started nuzzling her ear with my lips, as she quietly sighed from time to time. Then my tongue started making gentle circles around the perimeter of her sensitive ear and then smaller and smaller circles toward its center. She did not protest. Something huge and throbbing was coming between us. Hoping not to embarrass her I reached my hands up into her long sensual hair and held her face to mine as I whispered, "You have a new album we could listen to."

She gave a deep sigh and softly replied, "Okay. I've stopped shaking." She went over to her record player, opened the album and started it playing. Being the lady she was, she failed to notice my problem.

She sat on the end of the couch and I sat facing her with one leg folded on the couch and the other on the floor. I wanted to see that beautiful smile, those beautiful eyes, her hair, face, everything. With the help of the music we forgot about the violence of the evening and were soon reliving and recounting various scenes from the movie. When 'Out of My Dreams' began to play I couldn't resist. Without a word I stood up and held my hand out for hers and we began to dance. My left hand started out holding hers in the air but quickly it was on my shoulder, then I had both arms around her as we gently swayed side to side.

My 'problem' which had never really subsided no longer seemed to be a problem. I wanted her to know what affect she had on me, and she obviously did not mind as it seemed I could not hold her close enough. As the song ended I put a hand on either side of her head and slowly pulled her face from my shoulder as I gently touched my lips to hers. Ever so slowly the scope of the kiss widened until each of us could not sufficiently explore each other's depths. Finally, she stopped and looked up into my eyes as we were both breathing heavily.

"Have you ever been in love?" she whispered.

"No. I've always wondered what it would be like. How would I know? Questions like that. What about you? I know you've broken a lot of hearts. But have you ever been in love?"

She hesitated, then replied, "I thought I was twice. Girls dream about it as they grow up. Perhaps I was looking for love too eagerly. Maybe I wanted it too much. It hasn't been as easy and wonderful as I imagined it would be as a child. When they broke off the relationship I always wondered what was wrong. What did I do or didn't do that made them leave. Anyway, men are not the only ones who can have their hearts broken. Having made some poor choices in the past, I suppose I'm rather disillusioned at the moment. But if Prince Charming doesn't come along, I'll be content to live by myself."

"But you date, you must still be looking."

"I date, but very, very, selectively. The other night at Bible study, then volleyball, everything you touched turned to gold. Then you saved my life tonight, even my dog likes you, and of course there's your problem of being 'chronically handsome.' Something tells me I'm setting myself up for another hard fall."

"I've never told anyone I loved them before," I interrupted.

"Well, perhaps we have something in common. Neither of us know how to tell when we're in love."

"If I ever say I love you, I promise it will be sincere. I won't lie to get any favors from you. If and when I say it, I will mean it."

In fact, I had never been close or open with anyone except possibly years ago with my mother -- and she had vanished. Maybe I was afraid of becoming close to anyone -- afraid of being disappointed again. Or perhaps I chose women as I did because of a fear of involvement. I had always been reluctant to lower my guard and allow a woman to penetrate my 'tough guy' façade which I created around myself over the years.

The music had stopped but we still held each other in our arms. Then we started kissing again, gently at first, then anyway either of us wanted. I explored her neck and ears with my lips and tongue as she responded with sighs and gasps for air.

"You're so beautiful," I managed to say between kisses. I could feel my heart beating through my pants against her firm, flat stomach.

"I've never known anyone like you -- so courageous, yet sensitive and feeling," she responded. "Here," pushing back from me and reaching for my hand, "let's not stand up all night."

She walked over to the staircase along one side of the room and led me up the narrow stairway as I followed behind admiring that special asset which was now at my eye level. If there is a God, grant me this lady Lord! I suppose it was my first prayer -- ever!

She had a queen size bed and everything about the second floor was as lacy and feminine as the first.

"Here, let's relax and talk," she said as she lay on the bed.

Talk? Now what was I going to do? I couldn't afford to get into a long revealing personal conversation with her. I really did not understand interpersonal relationships -- especially with women. I suppose it's because of never being nurtured in a family setting but raised in orphanages.

While I'm being honest, I also felt some inadequacy in another area. All my past sexual experiences had left me with an empty, frustrated feeling. I assumed my many partners felt the same although most of them stated otherwise. Perhaps it was because I was simply taking what I wanted but never giving. In the few seconds while standing next to her bed, I resolved if we did become lovers tonight I would be a giver and not a taker. I might as well change something. I did not want to come away from this with that empty feeling and I truly wanted it to be pleasurable for her. So I would try something totally alien to me by placing her pleasure above mine. Whatever happened, I did not want to carry on a long, uncomfortable conversation with her!

"Don't wanna talk," I said as I lay over her and stroked her hair. Then I began again to leisurely kiss her eyelids, her neck, her ears, and her lips. I wanted to kiss her all over. Soon I gently held my hands flat over hers on the bed as if restraining her. I went down to her neck and throat kissing and mouthing her on every available piece of skin. Now I was unbuttoning her blouse ever so slowly as I continued to kiss her mouth. Her right hand, even though unfettered now, still remained as if glued to the bed, helpless to intervene. Now my left hand was inside her blouse, tenderly exploring the roundness of her femininity. Soon her bra vanished, as I gently moved my warm hands over her breasts, stomach, waist, and back. Her once small nipples now stood at attention!

"I love the way you touch me," she whispered.

"Me too," I confessed.

Now I inched down until I could hold each breast one at a time between my hands, gently caressing and suckling each with my mouth, careful not to give preferential treatment to either. Slowly I moved down her fantastic body with my tongue, while a hand was over each breast. Reaching her navel, I tantalized it by slowly homing in on the shallow crevasse by circling around it with my tongue. Only when my hands were around her small waist almost touching each other and my mouth was kissing her beautiful flat, white stomach did she break free from the imaginary bonds as she lifted my head up with her hands and said, "Let me take a bath and put on something nicer. You sir, can feed Rommel. I think he loves you."

"Rommel? As in the Desert Fox?" I asked.

"Yes, I mistakenly thought he was a killer."

"If you can wait, I can," I said.

"I'll be worth the wait," she promised.

Now confident we would soon be lovers, I hurried downstairs, managed to find the dog food, fed a can to Rommel, hugged him goodnight, and rushed back upstairs. I heard water running in the tub. Testing the doorknob, I found it was locked. Damn! This could take awhile. Going back downstairs I looked through her albums. I stacked three classical music LP records and the flip side of Oklahoma on her record player and started the first one playing, setting the volume so that hearing it upstairs would be a romantic background but not loud enough to be a distraction.

Returning upstairs I lay on the bed and waited the longest fifteen minutes of my life for the greatest prize any living man could attain -- Sunny. Forget about saving American and Russian lives for one night, forget about saving the world, forget about the entire universe. Tonight the universe was centered in this small room -- and we were the two most important objects in the universe. Tonight, we are the universe.

Finally, I heard water draining out of the tub. Still another eternity of waiting, probably another five minutes before I heard the click of the door being unlocked. Then the doorknob turned, the door opened, and there she was! For a few brief seconds the background light from the bathroom illuminated her form inside the white silk nightgown. Then she switched the light off. By now I was up in front of my prize in all her beauty. I was going to become one of a very select group and I felt very special and privileged. This was going to be mine and I was going to be her's. I pulled my shirttail out of my pants and quickly unbuttoned my shirt, then pulled her to me. She took my hand and led me around to the side of the bed and turned the lamp off. It was totally dark. I wanted everything to be perfect but this was no good. Reaching over I turned the lamp back on.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"No way I'm going to love you in the dark. I want to see your beauty and your reactions. We have nothing to hide from each other and nothing to be ashamed of."

"That lamp's too bright. How about the bathroom light and leave the door open?"

"Fine," as I walked back and turned the bathroom light on, she turned the lamp off, and her idea was excellent. The door caused a swath of dim light to lay across the bed about four feet wide exactly where her outstretched body would be!

Returning to her as I removed my shirt, I held her tightly against me. Her breasts were soft, but firm against my naked chest. With one arm behind her back, I swept her legs up in my other arm and gently lay her in the rectangle of light on the bed. "God you're magnificent!" I said as I removed my socks and stood up to unbuckle my belt. As I dropped my pants, my underwear did little to hide my now parallel to the floor manhood. As I removed the last restraint of clothing I heard her whisper, "Oh, my God."

"See what a powerful affect you have on me. Aren't you glad we have some light?" I laughed standing naked before her.

"You're beautiful," she said.

"No, I'm handsome. You're beautiful," I replied as I lay next to her and began the wonderful adventure which awaited us. I did not want to rush this night, I wanted it to last forever. But in what seemed too short a time I had explored, kissed, licked, and otherwise tantalized and enjoyed every part of her incredible body, front and back, down to and including her naval. Now my lips and tongue hovered near the top of her soft, springy, triangular mound of pleasure, and I sensed a tension in her.

"There's nothing I could do to you that's wrong," I assured her. Then I gently lay my hands over hers along her sides as we both began exploring new pleasures for the first time. No part of her would remain unknown to me. Suddenly I felt the tenseness break as she submitted to the inevitable. I lifted my hands from over hers and began slowly inching them over her naked body.

"I love the way you touch me."

Then I felt a tenseness and fear leave my body. I suppose I hadn't realized what pressure I had been under the last year. To hell with the world's problems tonight. I was with the purest, most desirable woman in the entire universe and she was totally submissive to me. Although she was not a virgin, I knew no one had ever made love to her before. What I told her previously was true. Now I knew for sure there was nothing I could do to her that was wrong. I wanted to become intimately knowledgeable with every molecule of her sensuous body, and I wanted our minds to be aware of this knowledge. My life had been based on lies, deceptions, and secrets. But there would be no secrets between us, only intimacy. At this moment, I could think of nothing -- but Sunny!

Now I was totally into it, and being only concerned with her pleasures, I responded to her sighs and movements. As I gently and very slowly moved my face up and down alternately exploring all her sensitive areas, I started feeling a rumbling as if the ground was moving rhythmically. Then, so help me God, she suddenly exploded upwards with her waist arched up, convulsing up and down! Now she was pushing me away as she attempted an escape towards the headboard, all the time shouting, "No, stop! God, stop!"

Stop? At this point there was one option -- and it wasn't stop! In fact, No power in the universe could make me stop or even let her rest and step back from the edge. I put my arms under her petite waist and pulled her little body quickly down into mine as the fullness of my excitement easily slipped into the warmth of her now pulsating cavity. I kept her on the brink for an hour, at least, but it seemed much shorter. Several times she went over the edge. Numerous times I almost exploded inside her, but somehow I was able to postpone my inevitable pleasure by resting a moment while gingerly kissing her face and mouth until the peak subsided. From the number of times she said, "Oh God, oh God, oh God," I judged it to be quite a religious experience for her. She would say it three times in quick succession, then kinda grit her teeth for a few seconds, then repeat "Oh God, oh God, oh God." All the time her eyes were closed, but even so, she was still exquisitely beautiful.

Finally I approached too near the peak of the mountain. I thought about resting, but it was too late, so lunging into high gear, I let go with all abandonment to the inevitable. I could vaguely hear snorting and uncontrollable gasping for breath as my autonomous reflexes took control of my lower body jamming me in and out, timing the ejaculations to occur deep within her!

When my movements and frantic breathing finally toned down, she gasped in my ear, "Are you okay? Are you having a heart attack!"

"I have never been better," I panted out, still trying to equalize my oxygen debt. "That was fantastic! You are fantastic!" Then we just lay together as we kissed and slowly, very slowly came down from the extraordinary emotional and physical high we had both experienced!

After we lay in each others arms for about twenty minutes as one body, still connected at the hips, she whispered in my ear, "Do you have to go now?"

"No," I replied. "Now we need to go take a warm shower." As I stood up and led her into the bathroom, I sensed that something in me had changed. I definitely was not experiencing the empty, frustrated feeling I had always experienced previously following intercourse. Indeed, I would never experience that feeling again! I was experiencing something unknown to me. Although my body was walking, in my mind I felt like I was somehow floating. Although my vision was clear straight ahead, my peripheral vision was blurry or misty. I know that's inadequate, but it's the best way I can describe it. Being concerned for her pleasure instead of mine was the best decision of my life! It had paid off very handsomely!

The bathroom was equipped with a tub and separate shower stall. I started taking a shower while I heard her searching in the cabinet under the vanity. A few minutes later I smelled the sulfurous odor of matches being struck and ignited. As she turned off the bright bathroom light the room glowed from the romantic flickering of four scented candles. If there's a heaven, I was convinced I had died and gone there. What I was experiencing was beyond the physical realm. She then asked through the opaque glass door, "Can I get you anything?"

"Yes," I replied, opening the door and pulling her into the shower. "You're even beautiful all wet," I said, as I began kissing her.

Soon, her inquisitive little hands discovered the rough scar tissue where I had cut out my body transmitter.

"What caused these scars under your arm?" she asked.

"I was walking along the top of a picket fence as a child and fell onto one of the pickets," I lied.

"Ouch! That must have hurt. I'll bet you were showing off for some little girl."

"Probably," I responded as I quickly started kissing her again. Soon, our now mutual friend once again came to attention between us. Holding her legs up against the shower stall we became one again. Later, while putting on my clothes she snuggled up to me and asked again, "Now you're leaving?"

"I don't have to. I just don't want you to be embarrassed in the morning. Your neighbors will be curious."

Holding her in my arms, I could see her clock on the nightstand. That can't be right!

"Remember when you said you weren't sure how to tell when you're in love?"

"Yes," she replied.

"Here's a test. What time is it?"

"I'm not sure. We went to a 7:30 movie. So 8:30, 9:30, must have been home by 10:30 or 11. Two more hours. It's probably late -- around 1 a.m. Did I pass?" as she kissed me.

"Yes, you passed. It's 4:30 in the morning," I said as I deeply returned her kiss.

"Good, you might as well stay," she said as she began unbuttoning my shirt.

"If you're sure it won't cause any problems for you."

"Let me be perfectly honest with you Mr. Anderson. When I said I could be content living by myself, well that would not be my first choice. My only problem is if you ever leave. I want you to hold me in your arms forever."

"I'm never gonna let you go," I responded, as I looked deeply into her beautiful hazel eyes.

She fell asleep in my arms with her beautiful head on my right shoulder.


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