Chapter 14 -- Back in the Sunny USA


My first impulse after arriving back in the USA was to call Sunny, but then she would want to meet me at the airport. That might cause a few difficulties getting my locker contents and supplies. Better to wait and call her when I arrive in DC, I thought.

Stepping off the airplane at Dulles Field, I quickly put a quarter into the first pay phone and dialed her number. It seemed like years since I'd heard her voice. On the third ring, the receiver was picked up and an angelic voice said, "Hello." God she sounded great. A second "Hello" brought me back to reality.

"It's me," I answered.

"Where are you? How are you? I love you. Why haven't you called me? I missed you so much. How soon can you be here? I'll meet you half way," she said her sentences in a quick machine gun like staccato.

"I'm at the airport, I can probably be at your place in forty-five minutes, you're all I ever think about, I'm fine and I love you very much!"

"I'll let Rommel in and leave the front door unlocked. Hurry, but drive carefully. I love you, I love you, I love you. Hurry!"

I hung up and started jogging to the locker which my key fit. All I really cared about right now was the car. I hastily found the locker, opened it, threw the contents except for the envelope labeled 'CAR' into my carry on bag and ran to locate the vehicle. I drove as fast as the speed limit allowed to Sunny's townhouse.

As I entered the unlocked door and locked it behind me, Rommel attacked me and tried to lick me to death. "I'm happy to see you too, but I also want to see your owner," as I gave him one last hug and threw his front paws from my shoulders.

Taking three steps at a time I arrived upstairs just as she was coming out of the bathroom in a hastily thrown on robe. We ran into each other's arms and kissed passionately.

"I wanted to be so beautiful for you," she said.

"You are," I responded while picking her little body up in my arms and gently laying her on the bed.

We had another one of those amazing nights when we finally glanced at the clock and it was 3:30 a.m. How time flies when you're with the one you love! This phenomenon really needs to be investigated. Somewhere during this rush of time I paused to feed Rommel. I don't remember the exact time, but I know he ate late that night. However, he is a very understanding dog and I know he forgave me.

Nodding towards the clock, I said, "I'm going to get you fired. You'll be exhausted at work."

"I can sleep or get fired anytime. But the time I spend with you is precious to me."

We finally fell asleep in each other's arms. The next thing I knew she was bending over me with a cup of coffee prepared exactly as I liked it. "Do you want to sleep late, beautiful?"

"No, I have some things I need to do today, and don't call me beautiful. I wish you could call in sick but I won't ask you to."

"Here, take your coffee," she said. "I have to go to work. I love you. Last night was fantastic."

"I know. It's because of you."

"No, It's because of you. See ya tonight?" she asked.

"Nothing could keep me away from you tonight," I responded as she left for work.

I petted Rommel awhile, went out to have breakfast, then located the lockers with my pistol and silencer before checking into a hotel. I spread out the contents of my arrival locker on the bed. The twelve large envelopes were there along with a small envelope labeled "ENVELOPE DROP KEY" and a second small envelope labeled "BOAT." In the boat envelope were keys and a note. One key was to a boat shed and the other was for starting the boat. The note gave a location and description of the boat shed in Atlantic City.

At exactly 10 a.m., I called the 227-8930 number. I did not expect him to answer the phone, and I was correct. After three rings, I heard a click and silence. Assuming the recorder was on I spoke into the phone, "I'm back in town. I'll call you tomorrow."

The next day I called again at 10 a.m. and on the second ring the familiar voice answered, "Hello."

"Nothing really important, but I'd like to see you again," I said.

"You're using a street pay phone?"


"Stay on till I come back," he continued.

In less than a minute he returned and said, "We'll pick you up there tonight at 7 p.m.," and he hung up.

Against Sunny's protests I explained I had to work tonight and would sleep in my hotel room. All I could tell her was that it was a follow up on the same project. To make amends I offered to take her to Atlantic City for the weekend.

Leaving my transmitter safely in my hotel room, I arrived at the pickup spot at 6:45 p.m. The CIA pickup team fetched me as scheduled by the pay phone. One thing you could say about the CIA, they knew how to trace phone calls. This time they stopped on the first pass. Once again they squeezed me snugly into the back seat between two well-dressed agents in suits and ties. Again we took a roundabout route to our destination. I was thoroughly searched and locked into my chair. Soon afterwards the door on the far wall behind the plastic barricade opened and in walked Henry. At about the same time the door on my half of the room opened and the man with the needle came in. Why not I thought.

After greetings and assurances that we were having a private conversation we began our discussion. Secretary Kissinger informed me proudly that during my absence he hired a private investigator with no connections to the government to investigate any unusual activity involving pig farms. The most interesting item discovered was a large fire which occurred during January of 1976 at a farm owned by two brothers, Darren Lee and David Johnson. The farm, located near the town of Bondville, Illinois, bred and raised black, white-belted purebred Hampshire swine. Their large barn burned totally to the ground and most of the prize hogs were destroyed. Shortly after the fire their remaining stock was sold and the entire operation was discontinued. The farm had been in the family for over one hundred years. From this point forward the land would be used for growing corn and soybean crops.

Immediately after disposing of the remaining swine, the families of both brothers disappeared for two months. Darren and his wife Debbie took a vacation in Hawaii at the Mauna Kea resort. At the same time, David and his wife Millie took a two month vacation on Paradise Island off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. After gossip died down, they returned in time for the spring planting season.

My response to his accomplishment was bewilderment. At this point, who cared where our swine flu research farm was located? All of our people were out of there by this time and all evidence had been destroyed. Even though the report from the private detective sounded suspicious, its only value was in helping to verify my story concerning the plot. These types of auxiliary investigations scared me. They accomplished nothing and presented a risk that the plotters might discover they were under investigation.

Returning to real business, I informed him the outbreak at the military base was on schedule for February, but I was unable to determine which base or in what area of the country it was located. I did not intend to, but under influence of the drug, I revealed to him the planned rendezvous with the Victor II submarine at midnight on the tenth of February twelve miles off the coast from Atlantic City. The purpose of the rendezvous was to bring in large sums of cash to be used in buying cooperation from various medical and scientific experts and politicians. Of course he wanted to follow the cash, but I talked him out of that bad idea. It was going to greedy Americans who knew nothing about the plot. They would probably be told the money was research money or political fund contributions from the pharmaceutical companies. In any event, it might jeopardize the plan to capture Boss and the gray matter once and for all. The more people who became involved the more difficult this would become.

We did compromise on one issue. Henry suggested that perhaps what was being smuggled in was not money at all, but the actual gray matter. He was sharp. That was a distinct possibility. There was absolutely no way he could let that package into the country if there was any chance it contained enough poison to kill every American citizen. Originally, I had stored the gray matter in two metal cylinders. That would be easy enough to detect. Henry suggested we arrange to quickly get the package to a hospital and take X-rays. I was concerned about being followed or at a minimum traced by my transmitter.

Our final plan was that I would stop at an all-night truck stop for coffee after picking up the package. A truck with a portable military X-ray unit would park next to my car. The package would be taken from the passenger's seat, X-rayed from several angles, and replaced in my car if it was not the gray matter. The truck stop was far enough down the highway for us to decide if I was being followed. It should require only fifteen to twenty minutes. None of the workers involved would know what this was about. They would only be told how to do their job and what type of material they were looking for. My only reservation was if Boss had placed an unexposed piece of X-ray plate inside the package to detect such tampering. I had known him to do so in the past.

If the package contained paper, it would be replaced in the passenger seat and I would continue on my way.

We also needed a contingency plan in case the package did contain the gray matter. I suggested we be prepared to replace the gray matter with a totally harmless substitute until we had all the material and the plotters contained. Henry would provide a mobile lab stocked with glucose, black dye, titanium dioxide to use as a whitener, and some type of edible thickener. None of these items would harm the common person. Titanium dioxide is widely used in toothpaste and paper production. We could quickly blend a mixture of the same thickness and color as the gray matter to substitute in its place.

That entailed the meat of our discussion. Henry was curious as to how easily our agents seemed to come in and out of the United States. I informed him his country was like a piece of Swiss cheese -- full of holes. We usually flew from Moscow to Havana, then went to either Mexico or Canada. From there it's easy to get across the border. Once inside the USA, all one needed was lots of cash and he can do anything. No one ever stopped us and asked for identification or where we came from. That's part of being a "free country." I admitted we had inside help which provided us with an ID, a car, and any other equipment that we might need on any assignment.

Then he startled me by asking if I would like to continue providing information as a double agent in the future after this problem was resolved. In no uncertain words, I informed him I was not a traitor now, nor would I be in the future. I loved Russia! It was just a coincidence that the best outcome for Russia was also the best outcome for the United States and the world on this project. He apologized, but I left with a sick feeling in my heart.

I made reservations for Sunny and I at one of the hotels along the Boardwalk in Atlantic City for Friday and Saturday night. We could easily drive over in a couple of hours after she returned from work on Friday.

She was excited about us going away for the weekend. When I arrived, I loaded her bags in my trunk, gave Rommel enough food to last until Sunday, and we were off on our adventure.

Upon arrival we made a game of finding all the streets on the Monopoly game. Then I tried to convince her to look for "GO" painted on the street so we could collect $200 for passing it.

We were enjoying an Atlantic City which would quickly be undergoing major changes. In 1976, New Jersey voters approved casino gambling for Atlantic City. The first casino in the United States outside of Nevada would open in May of 1978. Sunny and I were contented with strolling arm-in-arm along the over four-mile long Broadwalk and out over the noisy, powerful Atlantic Ocean on the famous Steel Pier. Touring the Convention Hall, we viewed a pipe organ which was the largest musical instrument ever built.

After long walks along the Boardwalk we returned to our hotel for a hot, relaxing whirlpool bath. She looked fantastic in a swimsuit. Afterward, I gently gave her a rubdown with the Russian Sable massage gloves I smuggled in from Moscow, gently fighting off her advances until she couldn't wait any longer.

After breakfast Saturday morning she put on some jeans and warm clothes as I had a little boat trip planned. After all, I did have some work to accomplish.

We purchased a street map of Atlantic City and drove out to the address where the boat was docked. It was a large marina. Continuing past the marina, we travelled two miles up the coast and picked a rather unique looking mansion to use as a landmark. We then returned to the marina and located the shed which housed "my" boat. It was about twenty-five feet long with a small cabin and dual 100 hp outboard motors.

Sunny was impressed. I jumped in, then assisted her aboard. Checking around, I located the flares. It had a compass built into the console by the steering wheel. I found the switch which raised the garage type shed door near the entrance. After flipping the switch the door began to open. Untying the two ropes that secured the boat to the dock, one fore and one aft, I pulled the choke, pushed the start button, and we were off into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunny looked fantastic with the wind blowing her beautiful blonde hair. She initially sat on the bow but quickly fled behind the protection of the windshield and the warmth of my arm around her. I pulled a stopwatch out of my pocket and turning back along the coast we headed past the marina at three-fourths throttle. We were going fast enough to suit me. The two-mile trip to the unique mansion required five minutes. The return trip was accomplished in four minutes and forty-five seconds. That indicated that the twelve miles could be covered in about thirty minutes. However, I would be going into the waves on the outbound trip. That would be fine because I wanted to be between the sub and the mainland at midnight. Then after resetting the stopwatch, we lined up directly in front of the marina, and using the compass, headed due east at three-fourths throttle.

Rather quickly I decided a pair of binoculars would be useful. After twenty minutes, or about eight miles, we lost sight of land. At night it should be easier with the lights from Atlantic City in the background.

Sunny was getting scared and since I had all the information I needed, we turned back. After docking the boat we drove back inside the Boardwalk area to have lunch. Afterward, we returned to our suite to clean up and change clothes.

"So, what was that all about?" she asked.

"It was a dry run for something I have to do in a few days. I'll have to be away from you for two nights for sure and perhaps a third. I can't tell you the exact details, it's work related. You'll just have to trust me."

That brought a frown to her usually smiling face. "You scare me, Cliff," she said looking down at the table. "I know you're involved in something dangerous or illegal. I'm involved now because I'm storing $90,000 for you."

"No you're not. That's yours. Hopefully someday we can share it. You are not involved except for slipping my note to your boss. And never mention that to anyone, even him. I'm not doing anything I would consider illegal. I can't tell you what's going on because then you would be involved."

Now a single tear rolled down her cheek as she asked, "What about us?" She paused as I pulled her into the safety of my arms. "What's going to happen to us in the future?" she whispered in my ear.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you, then die before you, because I don't want to live in a world without you. Ideally, I'll have a massive heart attack at the age of 100 while we're making passionate love. But judging how time flies when we're together, it'll seem like a short life. Then if I come face to face with your God, I want to thank him for you and for bringing us together."

"I thank Him for you and ask Him to protect you every night," she whispered.

"Sunny, I've thought about dropping this entire project and running away with you to some deserted island."

"Yes, let's do it," she responded enthusiastically.

"It would never work. That the child's solution, running away from problems. If the events unfolding lead to their intended outcome and I did not attempt to stop it, I could never face you. And if you knew, you would not respect me. Regardless of the outcome, I have to see this through to a conclusion."

"How dangerous is it? And be honest with me. Four guys already tried to kill you."

I laughed a little. "Those bums didn't really try to kill me. If they wanted to kill me they would have used guns. I could eventually be placed in some danger, but I'm not right now. It should all be resolved by the end of the year. Hopefully, New Years Day of 1977 will be a new beginning for us and we can live happily together forever."

We had a wonderful weekend together. Of course, we would have had a wonderful weekend together in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Since falling in love, I had discovered another difference between men and women. Men seem to be more concerned with the present tense. I met Sunny, fell in love with her, and was content with that situation. On the other hand, Sunny wanted to know my entire history, down to and including who my first grade teacher was! Of course, this created a problem for me, as I had no history which I could tell her. In the beginning, when she asked who was my favorite aunt or uncle, I would reply "Since meeting you, I can truthfully say that of all my relations, I like sex best."

That was cute once, but she quickly grew tired of that response. Making up a believable history and keeping track of what I had told her previously became an almost constant mental activity.

Our dating and love life had changed since we first met. In the early weeks of courtship we conformed to the traditional stereotypes of going to movies, concerts, volleyball night at the church, supper and dancing, et cetera. We had some very memorable dates, many due to the special Bicentennial Celebration. I remember lying on the grass and watching fireworks exploding with their beautiful colors and patterns above us with the Washington Monument in the background. In addition, we attended some stirring musical presentations at Constitution Hall and the Carter Barron Amphitheater.

However, due to the rapid pace of time when we were alone together, this routine changed. We never seemed to have enough time together. We would finish making love and it would, surprisingly, be four or five in the morning! We were both becoming exhausted. Both of us agreed the only solution to this problem was to begin making love earlier, which meant curtailing our movie, concert, and volleyball activities.

One day I purchased a copy of every Righteous Brothers album in the music store. That night we started out around 6:30 slow dancing in her living room and ended up making love upstairs for hours to the beautiful, powerful music of the Righteous Brothers. A week later we repeated the same procedure with classical music.

Another memorable night I wore a tuxedo and had iced down champagne as she walked in from work. All lights were off except for two candles on the dining room table which dimly illuminated the supper I had arranged to be catered. The night began with me removing her shoes and massaging her tired feet as she sat back and sipped champagne. After a candlelight supper with me attending to her every need, I carried her upstairs for a hot bubble bath followed by a massage. That ended up being a particularly wonderful and exciting evening.

Next Wednesday, the ninth of February, would be a different story. She was unhappy that I couldn't stay with her, but I said it had to be done, perhaps for several nights. The Victor II submarine did not show on the ninth. It was easier to find my way back to Atlantic City from twelve miles out thanks to the night lights. However, I experienced some difficulty in locating the marina. I located a nighttime landmark so that would not be a problem on the night of the tenth.

On the next night, I was prepared to depart the dock at 10:45. Both direction detectors were aboard along with a powerful flashlight, a compressed air horn, and the flare gun. At 11 p.m. I headed out due east for thirty minutes at three-fourths throttle. The waves breaking against the bow created a light mist of rain.

I picked up one of the direction detectors and tried to detect a signal coming from the east. At twelve midnight the needle on the detector moved about one-fourth of the scale and returned to zero. That was from straight ahead. I turned the detector more towards the left and the 12:01 signal was weaker. A pulse to half scale was received when the detector was pointed off the right side of the bow at 12:02 a.m. I pointed the bow in that direction and slowly headed out to meet the sub. The signal continued to become stronger and stronger, but I did not see the Victor II until nearly running into it. When they saw my wake coming they flashed a searchlight toward me.

The submarine was dead still in the water and painted flat black with no letters or numbers. Due to the advent of spy satellite systems, both the Soviet Union and the United States had long ago removed all identifications from their submarine forces. It simply gave away too much intelligence. The other side could easily determine the number of subs in each class, lengths of tours underwater, and other information if each sub had a distinguishing number or name painted on it's hull. In contrast to the brochures one might see at a naval recruitment center, all submarines were flat black without even an insignia identifying it's nationality, and all subs of a particular class were identical.

The sub looked very small until I actually pulled alongside and threw a rope which was caught and secured by several men onboard the sub. Boss was standing on the deck, and on his command, sailors brought two heavily taped bundles over to the edge. As I prepared myself one of the bundles was gently thrown to me. Upon safely stowing the first bundle, the second was carefully tossed over. One of the bundles was labeled "A" and the other was "B." Then Boss came as close as possible with a safety line tied around his waist and handed me a plastic covered, rolled up set of papers. "Instructions as to the deliveries," he said. "How's everything going?"

After a few minutes of polite chit chat he concluded by stating his slogan for this project, "Remember, two hundred years of swine is enough!"

I responded by saying, "Yes sir, two hundred years of swine is more than enough." We wished each other good luck as I shoved off for Atlantic City. The trip in was faster than the outbound trip since the boat was traveling with the waves. Upon arrival, I placed the bundles in the passenger seat, loaded all my other supplies into the trunk, left the boat key in the ignition, locked the stall and departed.

I quickly headed for the truck stop, repeatedly looking in my rear view mirror to see if I was being followed. Pulling into the truck stop parking lot, I parked next to a large square bodied truck which surely must be the mobile X-ray unit. As I exited the car, a man quickly opened the passenger door, grabbed the packages one at a time, and handed them through a door in the back of the truck.

I went into the truck stop and ordered coffee, sitting in a booth from where my car could be observed. While drinking my coffee I opened and read the delivery instructions. One drop site was in an Atlantic City bus station. Might as well make that drop tonight. I wondered why there were two packages -- probably one for the scientific/medical effort and one for the political effort.

As I finished my coffee the man returned the two bundles to the passenger seat of my car. It must have been money I thought. Quickly paying the bill, I departed to deliver the package labeled "A."

Of course, while I was doing my part for the project by smuggling money into the United States the other fifteen Doubles were working on other aspects of the plot. Probably the most critical area was the infiltrating and bribing of either the drug companies or the distributors in order to have access to and contaminate the vaccine. I do not know how this was to be accomplished or the names of the Americans involved. Certainly a separate book could be written about this activity as well as the political efforts involved in getting the various swine flu legislation passed.

However, the agents who knew the inner workings of these activities are now dead. I doubt whether any Americans who were involved and are still alive would desire to write about their involvement. Indeed, they may not even know they had been duped until they read this chronicle of events. I do not intend to devote a lot of time writing about the details of these efforts as it would be speculation on my part. All I can truthfully detail is the part I lived through. What I know for certain is that the political effort was highly successful, and both efforts required large sums of money based on the weight of the two packages which I delivered. If the plot had run its course, there is no reason to doubt that the medical effort would have been just as successful as the political effort.

By the time I returned to my hotel room it was 3 a.m. I went to bed thinking that perhaps things would settle down and I could spend some heavenly time with Sunny. However, it was mid February 1976. I had been buying local newspapers and reading Sunny's Washington Post each day to fulfill my assignment of being Boss's eyes and ears. Next Sunday, Sunny persuaded me to attend church with her, although I wanted to be lazy and lay in bed with her all morning.

After lunch, we returned home and I unrolled her Sunday Washington Post. There on the lower left of the front page was the article indicating the start of our project, "FLU OUTBREAK AT FORT DIX."

The article went on to state that a viral outbreak had occurred in a recruit training camp at Fort Dix, New Jersey. It had affected several hundred recruits, one of whom had died. The Center for Disease Control was investigating to discover if this was a new viral strain.

It has really begun now, I thought. I had already located a newsstand which had newspapers from around the United States as well as from many major international cities. I immediately went out and purchased several more newspapers. They basically gave the same limited information. Surely Boss would read about this. I would obtain more details in the following weeks before sending my first report.

However, I did believe it advisable to arrange a meeting with Henry. This time he was waiting for me when I arrived, there was no "truth serum" injection, and there was a sense of urgency in his demeanor. We talked about where we were to go from here. I promised to bring him copies of the reports which would be sent to Z99. Other than that, all we could do was to wait for events to unfold.

Reading newspapers from around the nation, I saw events began to fall into place medically, scientifically, and politically. Four weeks later I wrote my first report, placed it in an envelope and made my first report drop. It was a conglomeration of news articles and radio reports from the past month and read as follows:

A virus was discovered at Fort Dix, New Jersey in February 1976. It affected over 500 soldiers, killing one, before it was isolated and subdued. The event at Fort Dix was initially characterized as a small self-contained outbreak of a new major strain of virus which can be spread from human to human. Officially, the new strain of flu was called A/NEW JERSEY/76. Scientists have discovered that antibodies to this 'new' strain of virus exist only in persons over fifty years of age in the US. In addition, soldiers who survived the outbreak at Fort Dix had developed antibodies which were identical to those developed by survivors of the 1918-1919 pandemic.
This suggested that no one had experienced a similar virus since 1919. The 1918-1919 influenza caused approximately 500,000 deaths in the United States, and 20-30 million deaths worldwide by pneumonia. Although the virus is not contracted from association with pigs or the eating of pork, it resembled influenza strains previously found in swine. Hence, the popular nickname of 'swine flu' was given to the virus.
Medical experts are stating that the normal appearance of a major new strain of flu involves sporadic outbreaks of the new strain in the spring and summer of the year in which it is first identified, followed by the development of a full epidemic in the fall and winter of that year. This normal pattern and the outbreak at Fort Dix indicate the probability of a major epidemic in the fall.
Medical experts all agree that an unprecedented opportunity exists to prevent much death and misery if rapid action is taken. Vaccine could be developed and produced before arrival of the winter flu season.
Numerous newspaper articles and television programs about the 1918-1919 pandemic have appeared nationwide, thus helping to spread the sense of fear and urgency.

That concluded my first report to Boss. I also met with Henry and gave him a copy of the report for his eyes only. By mid April 1976, events had progressed in quick succession. Apparently the money I had helped deliver was working its magic. On tax day, April 15, 1976; I wrote my second report to Boss and placed it into the drop box. It read as follows:

After lengthy debating, Dr. David Spencer, director of the Center for Disease Control, prepared an Action memorandum, its purpose being to mobilize the vast resources of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.
The memo as presented to President Gerald Ford indicated that the ingredients for a pandemic were definitely present. A decision needed to be made quickly as to how to prevent this probable disaster. There is barely enough time to assure adequate vaccine production and to mobilize the nation's health care delivery system.
As there were no medical reasons for excluding any part of the population, the goal would be to vaccinate the ENTIRE United States population. As the United States has never attempted an immunization program of such a scale, the federal government would need to provide leadership and financial support.
The Center for Disease Control listed four options for handling the supposed oncoming pandemic. The four options are:

1) Take no action
2) Take minimal action
3) Develop a total government response
4) Develop a combined government and private sector response

Option four will rely on the federal government for its leadership, coordination, and financial support; on state agencies for their experience in immunization and local distribution centers; and on the private sector for its medical resources.
The last sentence describing the fourth option indicated which choice the Center for Disease Control would recommend. It read, "Understanding the program in this manner would provide a practical contemporary example of government, industry, and private citizens cooperating to serve a common cause -- an ideal way to celebrate the nation's 200th birthday." The ultimate recommendation of President Ford was to accept CDC's conclusions that the combined federal/private sector program be implemented.
On March 24, 1976 President Ford stated, "I have just concluded a meeting on a subject of vast importance to all Americans. I have consulted with members of my administration, with leading members of the health community, and with public health officials about the implications of this new appearance of swine flu. I have been advised that there is a very real possibility that unless we take effective counteractions, there could be an epidemic of this dangerous disease. At this time no one knows exactly how serious the threat could be. Nevertheless, we cannot afford to take a chance with the health of the nation."
A week later Senator Kennedy and Congressman Rogers convened subcommittees to consider the President's request. 213 million doses of vaccine would need to be produced by early October 1976.
House Joint resolution #890 became law today, April 15, 1976; when President Ford signed the emergency supplemental appropriations bill into law. It passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 354 to 12, and it passed as introduced in the Senate by 61 to 7. In his signing statement, President Ford stated, "This virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919 that resulted in over half a million deaths in the United States."

Comrades, we have succeeded!!

This concluded my second report to Boss.

Kissinger was furious. He was waiting for me as I entered the partitioned security room, pacing the floor on his side of the room. "Don't tie him in, just leave," he shouted as he waved the men out of the room.

"Things are falling perfectly into place for you," he started.

"Money talks," I responded.

After reading my latest report to Boss, he asked, "Whose side are you on?"

"I have to appear pleased," I replied. "We have to lure him out with the gray matter or we'll have another plot sometime in the future."

"I believe it's time to bring the President up to date on these matters," he said glumly.

"No, no," I shouted while rising from my chair. "Once he knows, others will become involved and we'll spoil the trap. No Z99 and more importantly no gray matter! You know I'm right on this. So what if you spend some money on unnecessary vaccine and perhaps vaccinate everyone as long as it's not contaminated. Besides, President Ford is very busy in the state primaries trying to become the Republican presidential candidate. When he wins, there will surely be a series of televised presidential candidate debates which will require much of his time."

I sat back down. After a pause, he continued in his heavily accented voice, "Yes, you're correct. However, with events moving so fast, combined with the fact that I'll be traveling often in the next two months, I want to give you a second phone number you can use to contact me for any emergency, twenty-four hours a day. This number is answered by a computer which then dials the number where I will be and connects the two lines. It is my responsibility to keep the computer informed as to my location. You may hear several clicks as it dials me. Also, the line is not guaranteed to be secure, so be careful what you say."

Perhaps I was being too familiar, but I responded, "As soon as we capture all the gray matter, we'll get Gerald on the hot line with Leonid."

We agreed.

The phrase "traveling often" was a severe understatement when applied to Secretary of State Kissinger. His travel always presented problems for us. February 16-24 he visited Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. In Brazil he signed an agreement calling for semiannual meetings between the two governments on foreign policy matters. This was the first such agreement between the U.S. and any Latin-American government.

On June the 8th he would be in Santiago, Chile at a meeting of American foreign ministers. On June 23-24 he would meet with South African Prime Minister B. J. Vorster in the West German towns of Bodenmais and Grafenau to discuss the political situation in southern Africa. He was to meet with Vorster for additional talks on September 4-6 in Zürich. He would then visit the African countries of Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Zaire, and Kenya over the period of September 14-24. These visits comprised his major international travel for the year 1976. His trips within the continental United States were even more extensive. Perhaps he was too busy to assist me in saving the world.

One convenience I possessed was a little angel who always knew his travel plans. As a matter of fact, she usually made the travel arrangements!


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