Chapter 13 -- Back in the USSR


The third group meeting of the Doubles was handled basically as the first two -- in a remote, isolated, rented lodge in the Ural Mountains. Only eleven agents were in attendance, the remainder were unable to leave the United States at this time due to working on this project. Everyone seemed pleased that the "traitor" J66 had been eliminated, although no one knew what information he may have given up. If they only knew how secure they really were. The only persons opposing them were myself and possibly Secretary Kissinger, assuming that he believed me. One automobile accident or plane crash involving him or me and the entire United States population would be in jeopardy.

I was generally considered a hero at this third meeting. However, no specific information concerning the activities of others was reported. Every report was phrased in generalities. Everything was going well, on schedule, or proceeding according to plan. Apparently more money was needed to bribe our way into the American pharmaceutical companies. We would need these contacts in order to contaminate the vaccine. The planned outbreak of flu at a military base in the United States was on schedule for February. No one named the base or indicated how the virus was to be spread. I assumed it was to be sprayed.

There was one new item of discussion at the third meeting. A recall code was given out to inform all Doubles to return to Moscow. The message would be placed under the 'Personal Ads' section of all major newspapers in cities where Doubles were stationed. The ad would read as follows:


We were to monitor the personal ad section daily and return to Moscow if that message appeared. Presumably, this would be when the mission was completed or any emergency developed.

In addition, each agent would have an individual return code to be printed in the same manner. These would be given to us during our private conversations with Z99. My individual return code was:


At the close of the meeting, Boss once again said he would be talking to each of us individually before departing the lodge. Desiring more details regarding the assassination of J66, he came to my room immediately after the meeting. I told him the difficult part was getting a location on him. Once I had a location it was simply a matter of time. I truthfully told him the body had been incinerated. Of course, I didn't tell him the incinerator was located on the outskirts of Moscow.

Boss was in an upbeat mood as he began describing my new assignment. "Come February, events will begin moving quickly in the United States. You will be there as my eyes and ears. You will still be head of security, but until you're needed in that area I want you reading newspapers, listening to other news sources, and keeping your eyes and ears open in DC. Write reports as needed. I want to know about any news on the flu, vaccination legislation, scientific reports, and any problems that may develop. There will be an additional key to a storage box in your arrival locker upon entering the United States. In addition, there will be a dozen special 8 1/2 x 11 inch envelopes. Once you seal them, I can tell if they've been opened before they reach me. When you need to send a report or a message place it in one of these envelopes and drop it into the storage box. That storage box will then contain the key and location of the next drop. If you use the twelfth envelope the box will contain some additional empty envelopes. The pickup person will see to it that the envelopes get to the Russian Embassy and out to me by the next courier. Any questions?"

"No sir," I replied, thrilled that I was going back to Washington, D.C. and Sunny. She was constantly on my mind.

"In addition, we're going to need a large amount of cash for influencing doctors, scientists, and politicians. It's too dangerous to simply take it in as luggage. This will also provide us a test run for bringing in the gray matter. In addition to a car, you'll need a boat. There will be two receivers like this in the trunk of your car," as he held up a device with a round wire antenna similar to the one he used to locate me in the woods many years ago. He briefly explained how to operate the tracking device. There would be two, so that if one failed, there would be a backup.

"There'll be a Victor II submarine patrolling off the East Coast of the United States in February. I'll hitch a ride as part of a 'commando training exercise.' We will rendezvous with you on February the tenth, but plan on being there the ninth through the eleventh just in case. You'll have to come out to the sub in international waters so we'll provide you a fairly large boat. We'll be outside the twelve-mile limit directly east of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Twelve miles is a good boat trip so you'll probably want to be in the water and on your way long before midnight. We'll start beeping a signal once a minute at twelve midnight.

"If the weather is too bad or we have to abort for any reason, we'll beep our transmitter once every thirty seconds for fifteen minutes beginning at midnight, then retry for the next night. Travel due east for twelve miles. We'll be in the area. Get a horn and sound it when you're close if necessary, and if you have to, fire one flare. At twelve-thirty, we'll start transmitting with less power every ten seconds to help you locate the sub. I'll transfer the money to you in a watertight container and give you instructions about where it should be delivered. There'll be information about where to pick up the boat in your arrival locker. Return it to the same location. It is critically important that you tell no one of your mission. As I stated, this will be a test run for delivery of the gray matter, and as such only you and I will know the dates and method of delivery. Any questions?"

"No sir, but I have one request."

"Yes?" he asked.

"I believe we need a method of communication in addition to the courier envelopes in case there's another security emergency and I need to talk to you quickly. Perhaps as we communicated about the death of J66. If my left shoulder is covered with lead for three fifteen-minute transmissions, I will go into alarm and this will indicate we need to talk. I could then wait a day, or whatever you suggest, and you could have a meeting arrangement written down and placed into my next drop box."

"Sure, that's a good idea. Let's make the wait two days to insure I can locate a courier."

"The only possible problem I foresee is whether or not you can always check the computer every day. I expect you may be traveling sometime."

"Yes, I'm handling that problem. Although the idea frightens me somewhat, I'm having a modem installed on the tracking computer. Also, I'm having a Texas Instruments Silent 700 with an acoustic modem purchased for me in the United States. Then I can dial the tracking system from any telephone in the world and simply place the phone into the rubber cups of the acoustic modem and login to the system. The printer and modem are both contained in a small suitcase. The printer uses thermal paper, which I'll burn after checking on any alarm activity. So, your idea is a good one. Anything else?"

"No sir, I'll look forward to seeing you the tenth of February. I'll head for the United States as soon as possible."

Soon as possible was an understatement, I couldn't wait. I wished I was there now! I hadn't seen Sunny in nearly two weeks and it seemed like an eternity!

Boss was going to be coming in from the Atlantic like a regular commando -- on board one of our new Victor II SSN nuclear attack submarines. It probably would be in the area to locate and track an American SSBN nuclear missile submarine leaving its base from Kings Bay, Georgia.

I had already brushed my teeth and turned in for bed by 9:30. Now all my thoughts were of Sunny and the pleasure of returning to her in a matter of weeks as opposed to months. Suddenly someone was knocking softly on the door. I quickly sat on the edge of the bed, turned on the nightstand lamp, and slipped into my pants.

I opened the door expecting Boss wanted to talk some more, but to my surprise K22 quickly pushed her way into my room. She was giggling and had obviously been drinking, and was wearing what appeared to be a black American style miniskirt with a Russian sable jacket. Her long dark black hair hung down against the back of the soft brown furry jacket to her waist. Her arms were clasped across her chest as if she was trying to hold something against her. In each hand she held the stem of a champagne glass.

"Here, take these," she said as she pointed the two glasses toward me.

Like an obedient idiot, I took the glasses. With her hands thus freed, she used one to reach inside her unbuttoned jacket and grasp the neck of a champagne bottle which she had smuggled in. As she held both arms out to me she allowed the front of the jacket to open widely, exposing her unfettered breasts. Obviously she was here for more than a drink.

"I am so proud of you, Dee Dee. Everyone is. Can I call you Dee Dee? You can call me Kay Kay. D88 and K22 are too formal, don't you think?"

"I think you've already had too much champagne. Has Z99 already talked to you tonight?"

"About an hour ago. Now I'm on my own time -- free as a little birdie," as she swung both arms back and up high causing her large breasts to jump toward me. "I had a few drinks of vodka and then decided to come join you."

"But I was in bed, I have a busy day tomorrow." I realized those were poorly chosen words as soon as they departed my lips.

"Then I'll join you in bed, we don't have to drink. It's actually a sexual depressant you know."

"K22, you're a beautiful lady. Any other time you would be welcomed into my bed. But now we are working on a very important project and I am chief of security on the project. We can't do this. The others will find out, talk will start, and it will cause problems. Does anyone know you're here?"

"No, I sneaked in like a perfect little secret agent. You can have your way with me and instruct me to do whatever you desire and no one will ever know. I would die with our secret. Let me help you celebrate your victory."

The idea quickly raced through my mind that this could be an opportunity to obtain information. After all, K22 had set up and managed the pig farm which produced the swine flu virus. Surely she would be involved with its distribution on the target and surely she could identify the target. However, her next statement caused me to have reservations.

As she stepped forward into me and began to gently rub her free hand through the hair on my chest she continued in a whispered voice, "We could also celebrate our future victories. I wonder what exciting assignments Z99 has given to you. I know my assignment is very, very interesting. Wouldn't you like to know what it is?" she said teasingly as she slowly lowered her hand to my crotch.

This is too easy I thought. This is a setup -- a test. I remembered Z99's warning not to tell anyone of my assignment. Only he and I were to know. With the 'betrayal' of J66, he was testing my commitment. She was probably wired or would report back to Boss. Although I would like to know what her assignment was, I couldn't take the risk.

As I started buttoning her fur jacket over her large breasts I tried to speak in a strong no nonsense tone of voice as I said, "You leave now and I will not report this to Z99. If it goes any further I'll report it as a security problem. If your tongue becomes this loose when you drink, then you should never drink again. Too much is at stake."

"I just thought I could speak freely with you. I would never compromise the project." A frown of disappointment came across her face as she turned and slowly walked toward the door.

"I appreciate your intentions, K22. I know your judgment would be better if you were sober. When this project is successfully completed, we'll spend some time together."

"Promise?" she questioned.

"Yes. You are a beautiful woman, but it could cause dissension right now. Every male Double here would love to bed down with you."

"You think so?"

"I know so! Here let me see if the hall is clear." I opened the door and made sure no one was in the hallway. Then I said goodnight and gently pushed her out of my room. I stuck my head out and watched her walk a perfectly straight and sober path down the corridor.

Lying back down on my bed, I thought I must surely be in love. A few months ago I would have jumped at that opportunity. Now it was a nuisance to me. However, I must also admit to being concerned that she might see or feel the excessive scar tissue where my transmitter was supposed to be and become curious. This was a distinct possibility if we became intimate.

Soon my thoughts were again on returning to the United States and Sunny, and how I missed her smile and her love.


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